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TheSky6 / TheSkyX


TheSky6 / TheSkyX

  1. Every Edition of TheSky6 is packed with up to millions of celestial objects and thousands of exciting photographs.
  2. Over 13,000 images from the NGC and IC Catalogs (shown in-place using 1.7 arcsecond per pixel images from the Digitized Sky Survey).
  3. Almost 200 full color deep-space images from the David Malin collection.
  4. Over 400 full-color images from the Hubble Space Telescope.
  5. Over 1400 images of solar system objects, including images from the Mars Rover and other space missions.
  6. Detailed descriptions of the planets.
  7. Over 1000 photographs of the moon in the Moon Viewer.
  8. Positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, Jupiter and Saturn's major moons, comets and minor planets.
  1. Information for TheSkyX can be found here: https://www.bisque.com/wp-content/cs-content/help/theskyx%20pro%20info/welcome.htm#t=welcome_1.htm
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