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RCOS 14.5


RC Optical Systems Carbon Truss 14.5 inch f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien

    RC Optical Systems Carbon Truss 14.5 inch f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien



    Optical Features:

  1. Zero Expansion Astro-Sitall, ULE Type, or Zerodur RC Optics, Tested and Certified to at least 1/20th Wave RMS.
  2. Supporting Fringe Analysis and Interferometric Data included.
  3. Enhanced Aluminum (SiO2/TiO2) Overcoat - 96.9% Reflectivity.

    Mechanical Features:

  4. Weight: 75 pounds.
  5. Designed, Engineered and Modeled in SolidWorks 2009.
  6. RCOS Proprietary Center Mounted, Self Balancing Primary Mirror Cell.
  7. Low expansion, light weight Carbon Fiber Truss for superior performance and stability.
  8. 6061 Aluminum components - All CNC Machined.
  9. Precision Secondary Mirror Focuser.
  10. Multi-Stage Primary Mirror Baffle with internal knife-edge light stops.
  11. Conical Secondary Light Baffle.
  12. 6061 Aluminum Mounting Rings - CNC Machined.
  13. Active Cooling.
  14. RCOS "Focus and Forget" Technology.
  15. Shipped fully Assembled, Collimated and Ready to Use.
  16. RCOS CNC Machined "light weight" Dovetail Plates (Losmandy compatible) - top and bottom with matching Paramount VersaPlate hole pattern,
    allows dovetail mounting plate to be bolted to VersaPlate once scope is balanced.
  17. Losmandy RDF-90 Finder Scope 3-point Mounting Bracket.
  18. CNC machined Composite Dust Cover over primary mirror.
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