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Paramount ME Robotic Mount

    Software Bisque Paramount ME

  1. Weight: 68 pounds.
  2. Counter-weights: 20 pounds each.
  3. Brush-less DC-servo motors ensure long life and smooth operation.
  4. Field upgradeable flash RAM permits easy, immediate software updates.
  5. Fast slew speeds and consistent torque at all slew rates. A maximum rate of five degrees per second in right ascension and seven degrees per second in declination gets you to the object, fast.
  6. Virtually unlimited selection of tracking and slew rates.
  7. AutoHome (TM) capability (to better than one arc second) with built-in sensor circuitry on each axis ensure that the mount always knows its orientation (after a one-time initialization), even after power failure.
  8. Software controlled "hard limits" prevent the mount from tracking or slewing into itself.
  9. User-defined parameters can be stored to on-board flash RAM.
  10. Numerous safety features critical to remote operation including current-limit protection, encoder-error limits, acceleration ramping, and user-definable maximum slew speeds.
  11. Joystick or PC software control.
  12. Programmable and updateable Periodic Error Correction.
  13. Intelligent German Equatorial flipping eliminates unnecessary long slews.
  14. The MKS-3000 control system can track at true lunar, solar, minor planet or comet, NEO or LEO satellite rates, or at almost any user-defined rate (when used with TheSky). No other commercially available control system can make this claim.
  15. TheSky has been updated to provide many new capabilities that were previously not possible. Some examples of these new features include: display a graph of the periodic error of the worm gear; track a low-earth satellite by clicking on the object on the Sky Display.
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