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Starry Night


Starry Night

    Starry Night Pro Plus 5

  1. Zoom in on full-color AllSky CCD image mosaic of the entire night sky to a limiting magnitude of 14-15, mapped precisely to Starry Night's databases
  2. View positions and outlines of 1400 dark, emission, planetary and reflection nebulae
  3. Identify 1700 globular and open star clusters
  4. Fly over super-high resolution 24-bit color map of Mars land mass topography above the sea
  5. Plan observing sessions with Event Finder that instantly displays celestial events, such as lunar and solar eclipses and conjunctions, for months far into the future
  6. Create Observing Lists of astronomical objects using a variety of filters such as magnitude, altitude above horizon, type or database. Quickly see what objects you have observed and which ones you still need to hunt down
  7. Find targets effortlessly with three-view starhopping charts customized to your equipment
  8. Select your equipment from expanded default database of over 300 Orion, Meade, Celestron and Vixen scopes, binoculars, SBIG, Apogee, FLI and Starlight Express CCD chips and more
  9. Recognize 1000+ craters, valleys and more instantly with surface feature outlines for the Moon
  10. View the locations of 160+ extrasolar planets
  11. Enjoy 8 additional photorealistic Earth horizon panoramas
  12. Explore 65,000,000 stars
  13. Access 500+ million stars online
  14. Explore PGC Catalog of 980,000 galaxies
  15. Choose from photorealistic horizon panoramas
  16. Add custom field of view indicators to match your telescope eyepiece, binoculars, CCDs or DSLRs
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