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NEAIC - NorthEast Astro Imaging Conference - My Abstract

    "High Resolution Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Imaging or: How I Learned to Stop Working and Love the Sun"

    This discussion is targeted towards beginners, intermediate and advanced solar imagers.

    If you are just beginning hydrogen-alpha solar imaging, you will learn tricks on how to improve your solar images.

    For intermediate imagers, techniques will be shown to assist you in tweaking and fine tuning the images.

    Advanced solar imagers should attend in the event difficult questions are asked. The speaker will welcome your input and experience. (Smiley face.) But seriously, it is the speaker's goal to impart knowledge such that you will leave having learned at least one new method or procedure for improving your hydrogen-alpha solar images.

    Topics include pre-imaging, image capture (including focusing and etalon tuning), processing techniques used to generate high resolution h-alpha solar images (including information on stacking, wavelet processing, image contrast, limb enhancement and colorization), along with some post-imaging thoughts.

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