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I have been taking photographs of astronomical objects since I was 14 years old. The following images represent photos I have taken. The archival images date back to 1970 and were taken with a 35 mm camera. The digital images were taken with the identified cameras. Select the appropriate icons to view the images; select the text to view the specs for the cameras.

It should be noted that I now consider myself a visual observer. There is nothing more exciting than the photons from time past striking the eye inducing a feeling of peace and solitude that I know other visual observers will definitely understand. At some point in the future, I plan on getting back to imaging. Currently, I am still experimenting.

Astrophotographs via Minolta X700      Astrophotographs via Nikon D5200      Astrophotographs via SBIG STL11000M      Astrophotographs via Skyris 445M      Astrophotographs via ASI 290 MM


Solar Images My First Year      Solar Images My Second Year      Solar Images My Third Year

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